Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vlogemotion #1

Well, I decided to briefly step out of my "quiet mode" and participate in this vlog carnival.

I hope that you enjoy this moment. I wish that I could say I did but after 3000 takes (only kidding) (okay maybe not kidding) - you have ended up with the best of the worst. **smile** This would be the reason I stay behind the camera!

When you are done here, click the button above and go check out the others vloggers. I am sure they will be more polished than this!


  1. Denise,

    WOWW!! Where do I start?

    This was just so AMAZING! Your such the natural. It was so touching to hear you speak about your husband. I had chills the entire time, so yes people will of course love it just as much as you have enjoyed others vlogemotion posts!

    Married 26 years? R U kidding me? I thought there was some kind of law that prohibited pre-schoolers from getting married. I mean serioulsy you dont look a year past 35. 26 years is for sure something to be proud of. Both of Carey and I's parents are still married and always will be. Both of their sets of parents were too.

    I so hope that you will continue Vlogemotions. It does get easier, and of course all of the great comments you get help too. It makes all your other post so readable because your readers can hear your voice thru your words.

    Have a blessed weekend!

    Love and Prayers,


  2. Hey Denise. I thought you did great! It hasn't gotten easier yet for me, though it is only my 6th week, and I am sad to say for me, people don't leave comments much, but this has proven very cathartic sometimes.

    Like you, I am a BEHIND the scenes person. I am the picture taker, not the person in the pictures usually. I am told my shyness goes to the nth degree, but for some reason I have felt prompted to keep trying this and I have not been sorry thus far. I hope you do continue to do Tim's weekly Vlogemotions because you did wonderfully and I love when I can put a face AND a voice...sometimes even a sparkle of an a friend I have found in bloggy land!:)

  3. Hi Denise, I came over from Tim's place. You did a great job and seemed like a pro.

    I'm glad you're joining us -- and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We are going on 20 years in November.


  4. WOW! 26 YEARS! congrats to you for that...and for braving the vlogemo...good job!

  5. So good to finally "hear" you, although I've been listening to your "voice" for a while now! Congrats on 26 years and on having a mate who exemplifies a 1 Cor. 13 kind of love. Really, that's our benchmark for loving, is it not?

    We'll celebrate 12 years this July; I'm more in love now than I was a year ago. God gave me a gift in Billy. That's a book all on its own.


  6. Denise,

    First Happy 26th Anniversary!

    You did a great job and your voice is so sweet! I love your soft spoken way of expressing joy!

    Nice to "meet" you!

    God bless and wishing you another wonderfully blessed 26 yrs!

  7. Wow! You did so well! Happy Anniversary my friends! :)

  8. Hi Denise,

    Congratulations to you and your husband on 26 yrs!!! PRAISE THE LORD! I understand when you say it's hard to believe it as my hubby and I some times just laugh when we think back on different things and realize we've been married 19 years this year when it feels like yesterday.

    I enjoyed meeting you on the vlog and seeing the beautiful face and voice behind the writing.

    Bless you.

  9. It was so neat to hear your voice as your writing skills are simply amazing and full of G.O.D.!

  10. That was amazing. What love in your voice as you spoke of your husband. Congratulations on your 26 years, that's definitely a celebration.

    Couldn't even tell it was your first time. You did great.

  11. Great job on your first vlog emo! Wow, you definitely look too young to be married for that long! Congrats, that is wonderful!

  12. You did great! Hope to see more vlogging from you.

    Happy Anniversary. Have a fun celebration.

  13. Happy anniversary!

    You are a beautiful lady, Denise. It was such a blessing to hear your voice and see you "in action"!

    And I agree with Tim...what were you? Two when you got married?


  14. Denise,
    What are you talking about the best of the worst. You did awesome! I love watching and listening to everyone's vlog.

    Congratulations on 26 years!


  15. YIPEE Denise. You did fantastic in front of the camera. I love to see you in person. Congratulations on 26 years; what a blessings! And, you do not look old enough to be married for 26 years, wow:) Good for you sis,
    Blessings, Laurie

  16. My blog has Sacred in the title, too. ;-)

    Great first vlog! I adore your hair! And congrats on your anniversary. :-)

  17. Very well done, Denise! You're so much braver than I am.

    Happy Anniversary to you both.

  18. Oh Denise, That was so fun to see. You're a beautiful lady -- inside and out. And you have such a gift for communicating.

    I think I'm too chicken to "vlog." You, however, ROCKED!

  19. Aweeee!!! Congratulations girl!!! That is so incredible and inspiring!

  20. I found you at CWO blogroll! Congratulations on the anniversary! 26 years is wonderful!!! I enjoyed your video! You look great!

  21. Denise,

    you did a great job....I want to come back and read more of your blog...

    I just posted the last of our Disney posts....
    Hope you will enjoy it.
    Stop by when you have some time.
    I love all my new blog friends.

  22. Came back over to say Good morning to you dear sister and may you have a blessed week.

    Love and blessings..

  23. Hey Denise,

    So nice to meet you! I enjoyed your video...

    Congrats on 26 wonderful years.

    I pray the Lord will bless you with another 26 to come.

    Blessings to you and your family♥