Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend Wanderings

It sprouts in the most unlikely places.
It makes beautiful that which seems unlovely.
It gives life to that which seems useless.
It gives mercy to that which seems unforgiveable.
It gives always, everywhere and calls me to do the same.
His love and grace is the “it” I seek.

This weekend I am seeking to find Him in my moments and give thanks in everything. 
Walk with me friends and share where you have found His love and grace.

© A Sacred Longing 2009-2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Unexpected

I am joining in with Five Minute Friday over at The Gypsy Mama. Where you write for 5 minutes - no more and no less and no editing. Each week is a new topic and today it was UNEXPECTED. Check out the link and see what others have written!

I have found my life to be unexpected.  Where I have thought I would be, I am not.  Arms lay bare.  Quivers are empty.  Yet, this is where I find myself trying to make sense of it – the unexpected life.  Seeking to learn to release the dreams that will never be – dreams that were mine but apparently not His. 

Unexpected, doesn't mean unwanted.  There is much in my life that is worth the wanting.  I have to learn to leave and lean.  Giving up and letting go isn't the easy way but it appears to be what He desires.

Unexpected, doesn't mean alone.  He is with me.  He is the strong and mighty tower, where I can run to for my help.  He is the heart to seek the shoulder to lean on the arms to wrap around the catcher of my tears. 

© A Sacred Longing 2009-2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grace Remained

I am not sure what I was looking for when I went to the conference.  Probably more than anything I was seeking some courage to venture it alone.  I don’t think I found courage.  Rather, I left it by the door of the ballroom on the first night.
A late arrival to the hotel and an even later arrival to dinner made me feel like the new kid at school walking into the cafeteria for the very first time hoping to see a friendly face and an open seat.  Gratefully, I found both.   While courage may have left me to wander alone, Grace did not. 
I found it in the conversations at the dinner table.  I savored it within the smiles and laughter.  I pondered it in the devotions and prayer room.  I gathered it in the keynotes and breakouts. 
Find your voice.  Your voice is the thing that makes you special. – Sarah Markley
Your story matters.  You are the best translation of the gospel. – Lisa Jo
What are you beholding? – Laura Booz
Within your writing keep God’s mercy in view. – Shaun Groves
God appoints those who disappoint to point to the God who DOESN’T disappoint. – Ann Voskamp
We can’t give love to others unless you know how loved you are. – Ann Voskamp
It is never about applause, it is always about the altar.  – Ann Voskamp
I left Pennsylvania not much braver than I arrived.  However, the abundance of grace and mercy found is still waiting to be fully unpacked. 
There will be much reflection in the days ahead, of that I am sure.

© A Sacred Longing 2009-2011