Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Thin Place

I have heard that the Celts describe a “Thin Place” as the place where heaven and earth collide.   A kiss of sky and earth in the distant horizon, it is a sacred intersection when time and space stand still. 
A little over a year ago I found myself in such a place.  A sacred collision of my world and heaven – its impact mangled both life and heart.  The effect has carried well into the days, weeks and months that followed.  It has been a wrestling of soul and self where the One who gives my very breath demands my total submission.
And now my friends, I hear its echo like a deep and heavy drum.  Its reverberation pulsates to the rhythm of my heart.  Drawing me back to its hallowed ground and I can do nothing but go. 
As I stand at the threshold, I know this moment carries with it a sure and certain risk.   I wait expectantly.  To be caught once again in that kiss.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekends are for...

 learning to love His way not mine...
May you share in this journey to
love well, love deeply, love completely

© A Sacred Longing 2009-2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Long, Slow, Deep Breath...

Eyes closed

Unforced quiet

A long slow deep breath

Savoring the aroma of the moment

His presence surrounding me

Light and yet, heavy

Quiet and yet, screaming

Invading the very depths of my being

Here in this place


I sense what seems fleeting

Remains everlasting


Draw in

A long, slow deep breath

Life force

Strength for the moment

Strength for the day

Strength for eternity

Begins in the long, slow deep breath

Of Him

I am joining in with Five Minute Friday over at . This is when you write for 5 minutes - no more and no less.  Each week is a new topic and today it was deep breath.  Check out the link and see what others have written!

© A Sacred Longing 2009-2011