Sunday, June 21, 2009

Peace and Quiet -

You have made my soul for Your peace and Your silence, but it is lacerated by the noise of my activity and my desires. My mind is crucified all day by its own hunger for experience, for ideas, for satisfaction. And I do not possess my house in silence.
Thomas Merton

Quiet my soul, Father.

The night shade of this day is creeping ever closer. The softness of sleep calls to my weary and tired body. The wild and frenzied pace of this day has propelled me to this moment. Frenetic thoughts and movements continue to assault me. My home is possessed but not with a holy and sacred silence of the soul.

I try to be quiet. It doesn't work.

Holy Spirit, fall upon me now. Free me from the chains that bind me to the internal, infernal noise.

In the riches of Your holy release, may I sleep in grace filled peace.


(This was originally posted on my blog "Teacups and Time" )


  1. Denise! YES I remember you. :-) Thanks for posting a comment. I can't wait to catch up on all of your blog posts.

    Are you going to She Speaks this year? I wish I was, but alas, our finances are dedicated to bringing home our new son. Definitely worth it, of course.

    BTW - LOVE your beautiful profile pic.

    Sweet blessings,

  2. Thank you for sharing how I so often feel.

  3. Beautifully written! With your permission, I'd like to copy your prayer onto a card and keep it by my beside.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I enjoy meeting new people via blogland! :)

    Beth E.

  4. Your thoughts reverberate with familiarity, and your prayer is so very precious ... and worthy!

    May He be our rest and our peace both waking & sleeping, and in-between,

    Be blessed,

  5. Beautiful words (as always) written by a beautiful woman of God.

    THanks for sharing part of you with us.

  6. Lovely prayer, Denise. One that I'm going to start repeating often.

  7. Quiet my soul Father! Quiet my soul! Amen

  8. As Ginger said, you've put into words how most of us feel at one time or another. Today, his mercies are new -- as they are every morning. Praying as I write that you and I both find moments of quiet -- but even when it's noisy, that we find our day filled with God's perfect peace.

    Blessings to you!

  9. This is so beautiful! Your are truly an eloquent writer! Thank you for sharing with us and by the way I love the picture, as well as the prayer. :)

  10. How often have I felt the call to silence in this very same measure. Your words are peace to me.


  11. So beautiful!
    Just stopped by to catch up, sweet Denise! Life is crazy these days and I can't get to the computer very often...but when I do, I will certainly be here with you!

    You are a precious friend...
    Be blessed,

  12. Visiting over from Sassy Granny's place and "being still" is such a struggle for me too.

    thank you for sharing this.......