Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Faith

They meet on this dusty road, an unlikely joining of desperation. These two, whose hopelessness is numbered by twelve, are clothed in contrasting garments. She is covered in rags of unclean misery and twelve years of soiled shunning. He is swathed in social stature with twelve years of joy and grace now torn by helpless grief. Here amid the dusty air of life they join, opposites seeking their portion.

Providence confronts faith and two are healed.

A prompt to my spirit to wisely consider what is required.

Like her there will be times when misery meets despair and become unlikely traveling partners. A journey that is much too long. Shredding the hope that covers and leaving one naked and alone.

Like him there will be those times when life is good and in one brief, solitary moment, contentment is ripped from our hand. What was is no longer and we are left grasping the wind.

Yet, Providence speaks in the center this dirty path, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.”


Faith beyond circumstances

Faith beyond reason

Faith borne out of desperate release

Not fear

Just faith

(based on Mark 5: 21-43)


  1. I've know what that's like, that grasping after wind. Like Dorothy and Toto there have been times when I've ended up in OZ, wondering about the strangeness there; and wondering, too, about both the inhospitality and the grace.

    I've got so many "new normals" to my life now that I've come to appreciate them. For these, from faith, have drawn me incredibly nearer my Lord.


  2. Denise,
    please stop by my site today. I have a lovely award for you!

  3. the beauty of your words always just blows me away!

    Great reminder about hanging on to our faith. Faith is the framework to being secure in Him.

  4. Unbelievably, that is the third or fourth time I've heard this advice today. Things have happened in such a way as to give me a "spirit of fear" lately and yet I know God, I know providence and I must continually walk by faith.


  5. Denise,

    Enjoyed my time here (My first time by!), you have a beautiful blog and are a gifted writer. God has clearly given you the heart to teach and I was blessed by it.

    Keep writing for Him!

    (Thanks for the follow over at my place...I just HAD to follow along here too. I know a good thing when I read it!)

  6. Today I drove to a friend's house, praying for faith and wisdom and the words to say. She's dying, and all the while going over there, God kept speaking these words into my spirit ...

    "elaine, you bring the hope of heaven into that home."

    And that's what I did. We had a good conversation with one another; shared a devotional and talked about about the hope of heaven.

    Two souls met on the road today--her misery, my grief, and somewhere in the mix, Providence brought a healing moment or two.

    Indeed, "don't be afraid, my friend. Just have faith." The sure and certain hope of heaven awaits us all.


  7. Thank you for such a beautiful post. Your words are not only touching, but healing.