Sunday, May 3, 2009

Formerly known as...

Little did I know that I would be in the same boat as the singer, Prince. He once was known as a symbol (not even a name) and the moniker “artist formerly known as Prince.” Now, he has ditched the symbol and is back to being called Prince.

How am I like Prince? Well, I am Denise formerly known as “Teacups and Time” in my little piece of the blogging world. I am happy to say that is where all similarities stop. I have not chosen a symbol for my new blog name. It is words. I have a lot of them running around in my head. Words, that is. So, let me introduce the new me, I am Denise from “A Sacred Longing”, pleased to meet you!

I like this better, I have to admit. It speaks truer of my spirit. There was nothing wrong with Teacups and Time. I often joked that at one point in my life it was the two things I wished I had more of, teacups and time. When I was starting my very first blog last year, it was the first thing that came to mind that wasn’t already being used. So, I went with it. It really didn’t define me in any significant way. It was comfortable. Stepping out in the blogging world was intimidating to me. I am grateful that I had something warm and familiar – even if it was just the name.

As I became more comfortable in sharing my words, I knew that the name didn’t really fit anymore. Like many things, it is easier to hang on to the old than to begin something new. So, it stuck. That is, until a series of unfortunate events placed my blog in disabled mode. Now, it mocks me from the computer screen. I can see. I can read it. I can’t do anything else. I had two choices – give up or go on. For me it was simple, step on.

A Sacred Longing came easily. It is the cry within me, a yearning for more of what is holy and true. So, here we will journey, my words and me. I hope you will join us. It is always more enjoyable to walk this life with friends.

In an effort to recover some of my blogs, I will be occasionally posting them here. I hope you won’t mind.


  1. Ok my dear friend.I really need your prayers right now.I have been at the hospital all day.I went beacuse i was so sick, but in the meantime,they found a mass on my lung.I am scared to death,but i know God is in control.I have not written my post for today.I may wait until the morning.I am so weak.Please let all your prayer worriers know to please pray for me! Thank-u! Blessings, Faye

  2. I don't mind...keep them coming! I enjoyed the "scream." Yes, it's a new day, friend, and I am so proud of you for stepping on! Is that OK, to be proud of someone I've never even hugged in person? Well, it had better be.

    Keep to it.