Thursday, November 11, 2010

Worthy of a Veteran

I was privileged to have a father who served as a medic in the midst of battle torn Europe in World War II.  I remember for years he would not or possibly could not even speak of his time in service.  It wasn’t until span of years and length of age allowed him the opportunity to ponder and share those days with us.  A few photos and some time-softened memories are all that remain.  (my dad is on the far right)

I have also been honored to “serve” alongside my husband for 21 years as he stood prepared in the Air Force. And now while he no longer wears his dress blues, our hearts remain steadfast in honor and reverence. We choose not to forget the distinction and sacrifice of a life lived in service.
Now like many others who enjoy the graces of freedom and liberty, we stand this day in pensive pause. Ponder well, my friends the sacrifices of those who serve in uniform.

And yet, I sit here with thoughts and frustrations of what is to come.

Soon, a young man will be honored for the ultimate sacrifice and I have just found out that there will stand people who will use their voices and their signs to picket this funeral. They stand “in the name of their god” and spew hatred and ignorance.

I am sickened.

I am angry.

Their words are not worthy of an audience. Yet they will force their hatred upon those whose hearts are heavy – an additional weight this family should not have to endure. And yet, it is the sacrifice of this son and many others like him, they can stand in freedom and vomit their hatred.

I am having a tough time with this, can you tell?

Please pray with me that this day will be more than a day off from work but a pause to ponder the sacrifice of those who have and who are serving in uniform.

Please pray that this Monday the voices of those that hate will fall silent upon those whose hearts are heavy.

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  1. This just makes me so sad, Denise. My father was an Air Force career man and I know that sacrifices that he and others made every day! Ones that people are still making today.

    THanks for this great post - it is one that needs to be read everywhere!

  2. I am praying, Denise. I don't understand why this group would want to cause additional pain to the family and friends of those lost.

    I'm praying for God to open their eyes!

  3. Great post! My son is serving now in the marines and many others in my family have served. My husbands father lost his life in Germany on November 11th, 1944 defending our country. The sacrifices are great and they need our continued prayers!

  4. I am praying also, Denise. Grief is a sacred season. Shame on those folks who would try to interfere.

    I hope you are doing well. I"m less able to visit these days, but you are in my thoughts often!

  5. Thank you for this post, and the update you wrote about the funeral of Lance Corporal T.J. Honeycutt. I went to google to read more about it, as well as the attempted disruption by members of the Westboro church.

    It is sad...but am so glad that there was an outpouring of support.

    I continue to pray for comfort for this family.

    Thanks for sharing your heart about it.

    Thank you too for praying for my grandson. Hopefully I will be able to do a follow up post one of these days. At the moment he is still in the natal ICU, but his condition has greatly improved. We are praying against any further complications.