Monday, November 15, 2010

Please Pray...


The outpouring of support for this family was in one word, overwhelming!  This picture was taken from my phone as we began to gather.   From that point, the number of people expanded in length and depth.  While I wish we weren't having to stand there remembering the loss of a young man, I considered it an honor to do so.

Apparently, those who chose to protest did so but were about 1/2 mile away and I don't believe the family ever had to encounter them.  I know that they had no impact where we were.  I am grateful that we did not have to endure their ugliness.

The Patriot Guard escorted this funeral procession to Arlington National Cemetery.    What an awesome sight!

Thank you for your prayers!

Original post: 

On my Veteran's Day post, I asked for prayer for an upcoming funeral.  This morning the funeral will take place and I come again to ask for prayer.

There are people that wish to spew their own twisted thinking onto those who are grieving.  These people travel from Kansas just to disrupt the memories of those who have fallen in service.  They are ugly and hateful.  Neither of which are representative of God and of Christ.

I will be leaving shortly to stand in silent tribute to Lance Corporal Honeycutt a very young man who gave his life in honor and service. 

Again, please pray that those who want to disrupt this funeral will not succeed.  Please pray for TJ's friends and family as they say their "final goodbyes" to their son, brother and friend.  Please pray for those that continue to serve with distinction and honor.

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