Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful for the Sacred Graces

I wonder sometimes where my thankfulness gets lost.

I start out well with good intentions and then before I know it my thoughts are jumbled and crossed. In the midst of such confusion, my heart soon wearies. I let the weight of the present fall heavy upon me. Under its burden, I miss the grace that longs to be seen.

Simple things...

Sunshine breaking through a cloudy sky

A red-crested woodpecker pounding away on a hard maple tree

Time to gather my thoughts and my words

Friends who are patient even when I am not

Faithful furry friends who stay closer than a shadow

The smell of his cologne that lingers well past his leaving for work

Memories recalled within spaghetti sauce and meatballs

An abundance of shoes waiting for feet

These simple graces are ones that transform moments into memories.

In the seeing I feel the breath of my Creator upon me. His Presence made manifest by a heart begging to bear witness. 

Weary not I pray, of my feeble attempts to be attentive.  Instead join me in counting the graces and giving thanks.

A late edition to "Multitude Monday - One Thousand Gifts", but a start nonetheless. 

holy experience

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  1. I think we all lose our thankfulness from time to time. So glad you've found yours ... and that you've shared it, too.

    (I'm thankful, too, that you are a part of The High Calling network, Denise. Your voice in the chorus adds to the beauty!)

  2. the busy comes in and sweeps us away...But no gratitude is too late or too few. :)

  3. Beautiful words expressing the gratitude of your heart. Simply lovely!

  4. Late addition or not, a grateful start is always good for the soul.

    How often am I guilty of overlooking the sacred graces that silently speak their witness amidst the chaos of my current. Just this morning, while others are heading out the door for corporate worship, I'm nestled on the couch and listening to the wind chimes out my window... a sacred grace I don't often hear.

    It centers me, reminding me that the wind is a good companion on days when my spirit longs to sing but cannot find its voice.

    Blessed day to you, Denise, and thank you for investing in my life.