Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Did you miss me while I was away?

What? You mean you didn’t know I was on a trip?

I have to admit, this trip wasn’t for pleasure. In fact, it was filled with a lot of frustrating, aggravating, sad and pitiful moments.

I never even left my home and that is probably a very good thing. Yet, I carried around some heavy baggage not willing to lay it down for even a minute. For goodness sake, aren’t we supposed to keep our baggage in our possession at all times?

I was holding on with a grip so tight - white knuckle tight. It was obvious that I wasn’t willing to release any of it.

I was having a mini-version of a midlife crisis. With my birthday beginning to loom ever closer, I embarked on a “woe is me “journey. Maybe you have traveled a similar path....

Why me?
Why not me?
What am I doing here?
Will anyone even remember me when I am gone?
Have I lived life like I should have?
Shouldn’t there be more?

It’s a dismal trip and not one I would recommend to anyone. Yet, I got the map; bought the ticket; packed the bags and commenced the journey.

Be glad I forgot the camera. Some things just should not be caught on film – digital or not.

Thankfully, it was a short trip.

Bored with the repetitive sights and sounds passing before me, I began to read and Psalm 103 lay open before me. I knew it was time – time to put it all down.

Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me.

I wasn’t praising – not even with half a heart. My pity party was as far from a praise fest as I could be. Carrying all that baggage, I wasn’t lifting anything - not a song, not a hand, not even a grateful thought.

Yet, as I continued to read, I felt my grip loosening.

He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies.

Soon, a bag slips from my hand.

He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like an eagle’s!

Another bag tumbles out of my grip, then another follows soon after. Tears begin to fall.

The Lord is compassionate and merciful, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love. He will not constantly accuse us, nor remain angry forever...the Lord is like a father…tender and compassionate to those who fear him.

I was empty and I knew this journey was soon to end.

For he knows how weak we are; he remembers we are only dust. Our days on earth are like grass; like wildflowers, we bloom and die. The wind blows, and we are gone – as though we had never been here. BUT THE LOVE OF THE LORD REMAINS FOREVER with those who fear him…

My bloom endures.

My “crisis” is over.

His love remains.

© A Sacred Longing 2009


  1. God is so GOOD!!! THank you for your comments on my post today ... I've added myself as a follower and can't wait to read more from you! :)

  2. Amen! Denise, His love remains through it all! Ever waiting for us to embrace it once again. I am glad you are back from your journey and it ended back in the arms of the One who loves you.

  3. So amazing how I need to go on those trips from time to time. God is patient with me, and He always teaches old lessons in new ways. I'm glad you've dropped that baggage, Denise. It gets pretty heavy after a while!

  4. Wow, good thing we weren't together on this one ... Thelma and Louise comes to mind!

    Seriously, I've been on such a trip; some days, I feel as if I'm just one small crisis away from taking another one. I think we all need one another during these times. One of the things I'm lacking is younger friends to hang with on a regular basis. I've got my "ancients", but I need someone in my age bracket. And just in case you think I'm freaked about my age, I'm not. I'm 43. So what?

    You'll get there too.

    Love you. Let's all get together after Christmas at the beach. Sound good?


  5. He remains. That is what matters. He will always be there no matter what. No matter the circumstances. He is.

  6. I think I was on the same flight. If not the same flight, it was a very similar trip very recently!

    I had to crack up at Elaine's comment. Thelma and Louise! Hilarious.

    Denise, So thankful for your willingness to be real and vulnerable. So glad you made it "home" safely and unpacked those pesky bags. ;-)

    Now, let's "travel lightly" together!

  7. Wow, you brought chills to my arm and tears to my eyes. In other words, I RELATE! I have found myself with the same baggage this past year. It certainly brings us to the Cross and to the only true place of belonging! I love how you wrote it! A happy belated birthday. Your life blesses mine- and many! Love you, Laurie

  8. His love remains indeed!

    I took a few of those trips over the years my dear. Did I say years? Could be over the months. GOD's love indeed remains.

    Love you.

  9. I love this...been on this trip so many times, even bought the t-shirt!

    When I'm feeling like this, God's great sense of humor is always timed just perfectly and makes me chuckle at myself.

    Last night, for example, my 17 year old daughter offered to give me a pedicure. She could tell I was really tired. As she began to massage my 46 year old feet she questioned if it bothered me that I had some wrinkles on the bottom of my feet? LOL!!! You can only imagine my response to her.

    Thank you for sharing this precious post so openly from your heart! Hang in there...God is good!

  10. I love how you worded this.... tears in my eyes.

  11. I love the idea of a mental trip. We should be taking trip photos of all the places we did and even didn't want to go. It'll help us recognize them the next time we go.

  12. That was a good message, Denise. We all have baggage that we carry around and then wonder why we get so weary in the journey. It is so much better to give it all to God who has planned for all that we need and all that we lack!

  13. Denise,

    This was beautiful, it resonates with the Me, Myself, and Lies study. By chance, are you doing that this summer?

    I'm thankful that He remains!


  14. Awesome... a really good word. Your shared journey really ministers. And, might I add, I had a feeling something was up. ;)

    Love ya!

  15. Hey Denise...you are my blessed blog for August. Stop over tomorrow.


    Joanne :O)

  16. Praise the Lord! Oh sweet Denise, you are such an inspiration to me! I love this post and how the Lord met you through His Words in the Psalms. There have been times in my life when the Psalms were my life lines...the only thing that could calm in the midst of unreasonable panic.

    So glad that you are not standing in the 'lost luggage line', but are rejoicing in a victory won!

    Bless you,