Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What will you be left with?

When  a loved one passes you aren’t left with much – trinkets that mean very little; maybe some money that means even less but the real treasure is found in the memories.
I am grateful that in the last few years we have taken the time to make some memories.  The etchings I have on my heart are warm and inviting.  Places I can linger long and cherish and for that I am eternally grateful. 

There are those who chose less  - much less - and for a long time that really bothered me.
Yet now, after years of anger and frustration, I finally realize that it is their loss not mine and truly not even hers.   What they are left holding are dusty recollections – years long passed – warped and worn neither cherished nor attended.  Forever it will be their shortfall and their legacy.
Be mindful my friends.  Death comes to us all. 
Cherish the living while they live because this is the making of priceless memories. 
Treasure the dying for no greater grace can be found than walking the final steps of a life journey with someone.
 Honor the dead for we follow not long after.

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  1. My mother is wise. One of the best pieces of advice she's ever given to me is this... "Send flowers to the living, Elaine. Don't wait until they die and send flowers to the funeral. Send them flowers now." For her and for me "flowers" mean all sorts of way of sharing love... words, time, encouragement, etc.

    These are days to cherish and then days to let go of with no regrets. I have a few, but I'm trying to make the most of each new day I'm given.

    Beautiful thoughts as usual.


    1. Yes, my friend, wise words indeed. Grateful that each day I am given is a new opportunity to seek who/what should be cherished.