Monday, March 19, 2012

Pausing to Count

I am starting this remembering again but this time I will number.  I think that I didn’t before because…well…I knew it wouldn’t be easy.
It isn’t easy to stop and see.  Nor is it easy to remember the smaller things.  Life left to its own devices screams past in a blur and yet in that very statement lays the heart of my problem.
Left to its own…what joy is that? 
Life owns nothing but the One who creates and sustains possesses it all.  The smallest of sparrow, the bud of the flower, the song of the crickets and my very breath are simple gifts of grace in the hand of God.
So, I begin, once again, to still my very self to see, to remember and to count.  I number for my heart.  A heart that pauses to take hold of Grace won’t have room for a life left to its own device. 

1. Early morning quiet
2. A cup of coffee and a good book
3. An early preview of summer's sun
4. A 4-legged companion to a morning jog
5. An unexpected video from a visit with my mom
6. Taxes that are done
7. Clean sheets and soft pillows
8. The opening blooms
9. Bubbles and baths
10. The grace that allows me to begin again

© A Sacred Longing 2009-2012


  1. glad you are joining up again - those weeks when i'm too busy or when i can't get internet access - i certainly feel the difference that the intentional of gratitude makes in my life.

    i love clean sheets and soft pillows... and especially the grace that allows each one of us to begin again.

  2. Hey, Denise, I'm so glad I dropped by today. ALways good to get a new post from you.

    I keep a gratitude journal... mostly in my heart. For me, I've stopped counting... it just feels so good to remember to give thanks.

    Happy Spring, Denise. The photo is beautiful!