Thursday, June 10, 2010

A morning walk

Fresh air, warm sun and the slow awakening of the world around me was a moment of grace at the start of my day.  In this very brief moment, I am able to gather in deeply the beauty of life and creation. 

Too soon the day will become busy and distracting.  It was never His intent.  Nor is it His making.  It is mine.  All mine. 

Nonetheless, the Creator's canvas is always before me.  Beauty and grace appear with each stroke of His hand and whisper of His breath.  These moments are never meant to be brief and fleeting.  Rather, with eyes to see and ears to hear I would encounter the unimaginable beauty that surrounds my every breath.  A beauty that should bring me to my knees.

His Spirit beckons me to pause. 

To see.

And hear.

Then be changed.

I am learning to turn from the chaos and seek the calm of the Creator.  To look deeper into the eyes of the one I am talking to.  To listen beyond the words but to the heart.  To wander beyond the obvious into the deep. 

It is a faith walk, my friends.  A simple path to the place where heaven's grace caresses the earth.  Prepare to remove your sandals because we are standing on Holy Ground.

© A Sacred Longing 2009-2010


  1. Lovely!

    I'm a morning walker myself. I'm often up before sunrise so I can capture the dawn's early light while enjoying the cooler temps of the early hour.

    Walking is such a wonderful way of clearing the head, filling the heart, and gaining perspective.

    Thanks for the amazing picture show!


  2. Oh I so love this...absolutely beautiful. I am mesmerized by God's majestic's all around us. Thank you for taking me there with you. It refreshed me even more.

    Love you,

  3. Beautiful, Denise. Thank you for taking me on your walk.

  4. breath taking, amazing post. You always make me feel like I am part of your writing my friend.

  5. Your picture was enchanting and the words to go with it, enthralling. Beautifully said and seen.

  6. The place where heaven's grace caresses the earth...

    Oh how I need to see it, feel it, taste it today. I need a good reminder of home, as I'm feeling ever so profoundly the temporary nature of this one.

    PS: Blog looks incredible! Love the new look.