Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's a hodge-podge!

First, my sister-in-law has been able to move her shoulders. She remains on a ventilator but has been breathing "over it". Her lungs have been bruised badly from the fall and are causing the most difficulty at this point - filling up with fluid and causing the need for chest tubes to be placed. Otherwise, if she continues to stabilize then hopefully surgery later this week.

Secondly, can I just praise God for wonderful neighbors! I have lived in this house for 6 years and NEVER been locked out - until today! I was trying to keep one dog in the house while trying to get the other one to come into the house. Only partially successful, I kept the german shepherd inside and locked myself outside with the golden retriever. Seriously, no shoes - no keys - no pride! Lucky for me, I have a brave neighbor who was willing to get a ladder and climb through the only window open (2nd floor) and brave my crazy german shepherd who was going nuts in the house.

I knew I bought the box of Ecuadorian cigars for a reason! Good thing, my neighbor likes cigars! :o)

Last but not least, this was my final look at Quito, Ecuador just one week ago. With all that has happened, it sure seems like it has been longer than just seven days! I hope to have some posts together soon that share more of my time in Ecuador. It was an amazing adventure!

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  1. Well, that's one way to get to start bonding with your neighbors!

    I was in Quito quite a few years back. Enjoyed it. Especially stradding the northern and southern hemispheres in the Andes outside Quito. Your picture brought back memories. Looking forward to the other pictures you have promised!

    Prayers for your sister-in-law!

  2. No doubt you'll have many stories and reflections from your trip. I'll have to read all about them when I return, as I leave Tues for 3 weeks in Europe.

    Nothing like a cultural adventure to fuel the inspiration furnace.


  3. Hi Sweet Friend,

    I'm praising God that your sister-in-law can move her shoulders and I am still praying for His divine miracles throughout her entire body in Jesus precious name.

    And...Oh My, locked out of the house? I've never done that, but have locked myself outside of my car with it left running and no spare key while I was at work years ago. I relate somewhat to your situation you went through. Yes, thank God for neighbors with ladders. I'm happy you got in without waiting too long, especially without shoes, keys and only one dog on the outside.

    I look forward to seeing more photos of your time away.

    Peace, Love & Prayers,

  4. Denise,

    I'm still praying for your sister-in-law. Praise God she is showing progress.

    Praying for your family...

  5. I've been locked out to- yes thank God for good neighbors. I will pray for your sis-in-law. Love, Laurie

  6. Precious Denise, I continue to believe GOD with you for your precious sister in law!!!


    I look forward to the stories you are able to share from your recent trip. Beautiful photo.

    Love you Sis!

  7. A picture-perfect conclusion to what was, undoubtedly, a week along those same lines.

    Keep us posted on everything.


  8. praising God for your sister-in-law's continued recovery. praying for a complete healing!!

    ok, I'm going to come get caught up over here!! I've missed you :)