Monday, August 1, 2011

The Gathered Graces

Monday morning - is it the beginning of a work week or the ending of a weekend?  In reality I guess,  it is a little of both and that is okay.

This past weekend I had the grace of nothing.  Pure unadulterated nothingness was savored.  Each empty moment was gathered into a bouquet of grace - a fragrant and beautiful reminder that even in the nothing His presence abounds. 

I need these bare moments. 
It is more than a need.  It is a craving – a desperate ache to be empty and wanting. 
In a world that wants to be inundated with things to have and with things to do, I want less.  I hunger for nothing.

I am learning that until I am naked and wanting.  I will not see.  I cannot hear.  I forget to touch.  I barely live.  I am too easily distracted by thoughts and things and people. 

This weekend was abundantly nothing.  That was good, so very good.
Still savoring the simple and stark. 

Today I join in with a thankful heart and gather the gratitude ...

- a long weekend away to empty
- a husband who loves to laugh
- dogs who are happy to see me come and sad to see me go
- garden fresh tomatoes still warm from the sun
- sweet corn on the grill
- thunder and rain on a hot summer evening
- a camera that can capture what I never really saw
- a heavy sigh and a warm embrace

Also joining in today with Laura and Playdates with God:

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  1. Oh, yay, Denise, I'm so glad you played today! This post takes my breath. Such beauty in word and image. We are headed to the seashore soon and my heart has been so longing for what you describe here--just a time to rest in Him, a time when everything else will be put on hold and we hold each other. Thank you for this.

  2. Denise, as always your words minister deeply to my heart.

    Thank you. I am still savoring every words you have written.


  3. I feared my nothingness for a long season. Reading Alicia Chole's book "anonymous" did a great movement in my heart toward appreciating nothingness. Cancer has also helped.

    Emptied out; filled up.

    Grace indeed.