Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Through the tears...

Joy is the echo of God's life within us!

I was asked this weekend if the tears ever stop falling.  I couldn’t tell her yes because honestly, I pray they never do. 
When I went on my first mission trip, I was overwhelmed by the stark contrast of what I knew and what they had.  It was a black and white snapshot etched into my soul.  In the days that followed I would gaze upon the memory, with eyes welled up in wonder.  Time passed and the snapshot faded but the wonder never left me.

Since that time, I have had the privilege of traveling outside of my time and comfort zones and into the world and lives of others - Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Haiti.  Each trip has been a stepping stone on a pilgrimage of heart and soul. 
Each step has allowed me see beyond the obvious and the ordinary.  My eyes no longer focus on the harshness of contrasts – no longer black and white etchings engraved into eternity.  Rather each consecutive trip has become a Technicolor unfolding of a world I have only begged to know.

The tears still fall, my dear friend.  Yet, now they are a prism to the beauty and grace of a world created.  Rays of light separated into a rainbow of colors. 
Red and yellow, black and white we are precious in His sight…

Don’t hold back the tears my friend, look through them and be amazed.

© A Sacred Longing 2009-2011

Thanks to Shannon for this beautiful picture!


  1. Here, here my friend! Two years later and only now am I beginning to be able to express what Zambia was like. I pray the tears never stop as well. <3

  2. Thank you! Just....thank you :)

  3. While here on earth, our tears serve a purpose. And while we are here, I believe the tears will never stop.

    But in heaven, God will wipe every tear from our eyes.

    God sends His precious children through experiences that change them forever. I know you have been through that. Thank God, He opens our eyes to see beyond the physical realm!