Friday, March 18, 2011

Seasons of Waiting

I wait between the quiet and the silent. There is a difference, you know.

The silent is void. Nothing spoken, nothing heard.




Much like winter, life appears dormant.


I know I have said it one way or another before but it remains true. I have wrestled long and hard this past year with the why and what of who I am. No easy answers are found – especially when everything is silent.

I wait.

And yet much like spring that buds new growth on what appeared long gone, I begin to hear and to the softest sound I strain. I want so desperately a newness to grow.

It is.

For in the quiet, it is His whisper that breathes warm across my heart. I begin to realize silence is a necessary dormancy and so is the wait.

It is a reckoning of sorts. For in it was the weighing of worth against the True measure of life. That which clung to me (or I to it) had to be shed like the dropping leaves in the fall. Stripped and naked there is no place to hide.



Flaws revealed. Mercy sought. Grace given.

And now, new growth begins.

I am joining in with Five Minute Friday over at . This is when you write for 5 minutes - no more and no less.  Each week is a new topic and today it was waiting.  Check out the link and see what others have written!

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  1. I feel refreshed here in your words. My wounds often surface and the quiet, oh how silent I can be about them. Thank you!

  2. lovely lovely. i so want there to be new life after seasons of waiting!

  3. "For in it was the weighing of worth against the True measure of life." Hmm, yes! Love this.

  4. Again you bring me to such beautiful places with you where the mind, heart and soul meld into one and flows out so elegantly and smoothly through your pen.

    I so love your heart, your thoughts. You continue to inspire me.

    Love you,

  5. Denise,

    You are an inspiration to me.

    I am waiting with you. I know what it's like. We have gone through seasons of waiting.

    And waiting does not disappoint if we know what we are waiting for.

    We are waiting... in hope.


  6. Words bursting forth with new blossoms... even as the spring around me.

    Blessed resurrection walk to you.


  7. I love this too...I just couldn't believe you did it in 5 minutes...honestly amazing and so profound. So thankful you are a new 'friend'.

    bless you sister

  8. Just stopping by as we celebrate Resurrection Sunday tomorrow. I wish you hope, dear friend.


  9. Hey...was just going through ur blog...What ur silence made me feel was like a void..empty but full
    would like to share two links with you :

    read it weneva u get time:)