Friday, February 18, 2011

When I saw...

Not long after I saw those tents, I had the opportunity to do something more.

In a community where the homeless are “hidden” and “invisible”, you don’t know they exist.

But they do – exist, that is.


Like him, one who works every day. He had a home. He had a car. Lost them both at the same time and it isn’t easy replacing them.

Like her, she has a family but times are hard and they can’t help. Soon, they will be joining her in the ranks of the homeless. She wants to do more but near to 70 years jobs don’t come easy.

Whether we see them or not, they are here and there.

In the city


in the suburbs.

They would like a home. They would like a job.

What they are grateful for most is to be seen and acknowledged. Not for what they lack but for who they are beside their circumstances.

Men and women and children with hearts, souls, lives, experiences and stories much like you and me.

We all have stories.

And for a week, I was able to sit and listen to them and their stories.

Around a table we gathered with food and laughter. Awkward at first but by the week’s end we were family.

I miss them.

And when I see them, I let them know they are missed.

But most of all, I let them know they are seen and loved

by me

more importantly, by God.

© A Sacred Longing 2009-2011


  1. I have been loving these posts. I live outside a small city but am a stay at home, home school mom. I don't see homeless but there must be some. I will look more closely because God does see and care. We are what He has right now to do something and we must!

  2. They are there and here. Like you and me...trying to live and not just exist...wanting to be seen...and loved. I pray that you will see and then do.

  3. What a touching post, Denise. Like GOD thinker, I have never seen any homeless people in our town. I'll be looking for them.

  4. What a life-changing week, Denise! Was this part of an organized-sharing project or something you did on your own? I love the idea of sitting down at the table with strangers and by week's end having a new set of friends.

    You are beautiful and brave, willing and obedient. Thanks for being the heart and hands of Jesus.


  5. The pain that I feel when I read you blog posts Denise... are sometimes difficult to bear.

    Here where I live we see the homeless as a daily occurrence... and I do not really know where to begin showing that I care. You do not know where to begin.

    My heart aches because the need is so great. And the resources we have available are never enough.

    Do you live in Washington?

    There are many blog friends I want to connect to at a deeper level - so many beautiful people out there writing their blogs, sharing their pain and their passion...

    SOmetimes I feel, nothing is ever enough. How must God feel?

    Yet he never loses hope!

    Hope to talk to you again someday soon...

    Be blessed.


  6. Beth, I didn't think they were here but they are - some working in my W*lmrt; some working at our fast food restaurants; some looking; some not so much - yet they are here and I am sure there.

    Look well, my friend

    Elaine, it was life-changing. I saw myself in them - like a mirror and that was humbling and scary. As for a project, yes, it was. Because our area only has 2 shelters one for men and one for women (that are always full) an organization has sought help from the church community to provide housing and meals for a week. Oh, my friend, what a week it was!

    Lidj, not long ago I prayed that my heart would be broken for the things that break His. I hope that the pain you feel when you read is His.