Friday, February 5, 2010

Ahead for my weekend...

The air is heavy with expectation and soon, very soon, will give birth to the much anticipated…snowflake.

This winter has been full of these moments. Too full some would say.

Nonetheless, I find myself once again in a pregnant pause before the storm. The supplies have been purchased. The camera is charging. I wait in grateful anticipation for the forced interruption to life.

What is ahead for your weekend?

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  1. Beautiful my sweet friend..Hope you have a great weekend..Blessings:)

  2. Uh, I think I'll be building an ark. Rain has been a constant companion and not a very good one either. :) But I do love how it adorns the grasses in green and the flowers to bloom. So it's a necessary process before spring arrives, one bathed from Heaven. Have a great weekend in all it's white array!

  3. I have been waiting for snow all day! Still raining. But not giving up that i will awaken tomorrow to a winter wonderland! As for tomorrow? that depends on if we are snowed in or not...

    Love your furry baby, Denise!

  4. What a lovely photo of your dog!

    And I am praying for you and others who are in the path of the snowstorm.

    May God keep you all safe in the hollow of His hands.


  5. Love, Love, Love that picture of that golden retriever!!! It looks so much like ours that just passed away over Thanksgiving. He is beautiful!!!
    Ours LOVED playing in the snow too!