Thursday, November 12, 2009

A long and winding road...

I have been on a long road to daybreak.

It seems like I have been walking hard this last year.

I know that there are times in our lives when the journey seems more cumbersome; when the scenery we pass by is sparse and when the steps we take are incredibly lonely.

I know this doesn’t surprise you (those few that venture to this blog) as my writing has reflected a heavy heart and heavier feet.

Even so the path I wander, much like yours, is full of twists and turns. Our foolish hearts and impaired vision would have us believe that the scenery and thus our lives are stagnant and barren.

Don’t believe that lie!

For rooted deep within our spirit is the joy that comes from the Creator Himself, it is there where our faith is fashioned not by the circumstance of life but the love of our God.

Anticipate the future and its changes with joy. There is a seed of God’s love in every event, every circumstance, every unpleasant situation in which you may find yourself.
Barbara Johnson

I am cresting this hill. I know it.

There will be more hills ahead. I know that too.

My prayer is that my heart and my vision will see the seeds of heaven, first and foremost.

On this Thursday, I am thankful for so much….

I am thankful that my husband’s health. The news we received from the doctor was positive and relieving. Our prayers have been answered – no medical intervention is necessary.

I am thankful that my sister-in-law has made it safely to Ohio. She continues to grow stronger. A few days ago she was able to ingest some applesauce and speak a few words with her speech therapist. We continue to pray that she will not be ventilator dependent and rejoice in the hope that continues.

I am thankful that God never wants to leave us where we are.

I am thankful quiet rainy mornings, my bible and my journal. Add a pair of PJ’s and a cup of coffee, heaven on earth, I tell you!

I am thankful for this blogging community. Sweet friends in Christ, who inspire, encourage and sweeten my days. I am grateful for your prayers. I appreciate your visits and enjoy your comments.

Walking a little bit lighter and a lot brighter….

© A Sacred Longing 2009


  1. I think maybe I was supposed to read your blog for a reason today (Oh, how the Holy Spirit really works!). I hope that your steps can be lighter soon. Your list is wonderful and heartfelt.

  2. I am thankful for your post which actually lightened my steps today. Love you sis. :)

  3. Denise,

    So blessed by this post. Your words encourage my heart and strengthen my heavy feet. Like you, this year has at times been a hard walk. You mentioned your husbands health - praise the Lord for a good report! Would appreciate your prayers for my husband. Diagnosed with West Nile Virus five years ago but the symptoms hightened this year. Many test still no conclusive answers......But God!! We are standing on the Word of God and trusting Him only for healing and restoration - He is Faithful!!

    I too feel I am cresting a hill and will see the mighty hand of God moving in a new a fresh way! Glory to God!

    We do have so much to be thankful for and I thank you once again for sharing!

    Sweet Blessings!

  4. Thankful for the good news about your hubby and sis- in -law. Praise Him!

    Thanks for sharing your heart.

  5. As we walk down that long and winding road, I am thankful that God walks right there with us!

    Praising with you for your hubby's good news!

    Love you Denise

  6. Praising the LORD for all HE'S doing and I'm grateful to be able to come visit with you tonight Denise on your blog and be encouraged.

    Love and blessings dear sister.

  7. As you crest that hill, may the vista inspire you to search out another one, walking closely with Him. You are an inspiration to me!

  8. You crest that hill sister, knowing that even in the trial of the climb, the view will be worth the steps taken to get there.

    I pray for you a season of fully knowing the abiding presence of Jesus in your life. It's in these times we sometimes know him best, perhaps because our hearts are most open for the find!

    Love you. Happy Saturday.

    PS: Phone's always open for a chat, sister.

  9. Just read your last 2 posts. So well expressed, and those very prayers are echoed all across these blog airwaves! So many hearts are joined and desiring these same truths to be alive in us. The understanding of these words is because we are all here or have been or wil be again, and we all know that God is faithful!
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. So much hope here, as you whisper Truth along your long and winding road. This gets me:

    "I am cresting this hill. I know it."

    He is faithful, isn't He? We join you in believing ...

  11. It sounds like God is surrounding you and your family in a blanket of love!


  12. Hello, Denise! I can certainly relate to your heaviness. It is part of our journey with Christ, but it is not easy. It can even be very painful.

    But, oh, the rewards and fruits we gain when finally we meet a smooth path on our winding road.

    Blessings to you, dear sister and friend.


  13. Hi thankful that you are feeling brighter and lighter!!! You are such a blessing to me...thankful for the good report for your hubby and that you sister-in-law is making good progress!!! Amazing!

    God is so good...
    Love you,

  14. I am thankful that God led me to your place.....being in my own Season, I can totally relate to what you describe as a "heavy heart and heavier feet". Powerful visual.

    I am now on my way out of the Refiner's Fire....and it is revealed to me that God brings trials our way for the only purpose of purification. But I will say that it also is a painful process....and plain and simple. NOT FUN! But I need to continue to trust in The One who has never forsaken me......

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers too.

    So happy God led me here this morning.


  15. What a beautiful post full of hope, love and thankfulness! I am glad to hear about your hubby! Praising God with you!

  16. Hi Denise,

    Praying a peaceful and encouraging Thanksgiving for you and your family.

    Much love.

  17. Denise, wow! as i scan your posts to get caught up, my reaction is wow...i haven't been here in bloggyland lately but i have been in the throne room and your sis-in-law has been lifted. i will add your mom-in-law and husband to my list of bloggy friends who need prayer. i am so thankful of how you remind me to examine my faith, sharpen my eyes and gaze upward and inward. tonight i am praying to the God who heals on you and your family's behalf.