Thursday, October 8, 2009

Done vs Undone

I love this picture of the early morning near the Potomac River.




I wish I could transplant myself somewhere into that scene but I can't. So instead, I journey around this bloggy world for some encouragement.

I wasn't disappointed. Of course, stopping by my bloggy friend, Elaine's site is always a pause well spent. Today, was no exception. If you have never visited Peace for the Journey you will be in for a "real" treat. Go soon as you can. Elaine always pens her words with an honesty that speaks volumes. Today, it was just what I needed to hear.

You see, my life has been a bit jumbled of late. A mission trip, a horrendous accident of a family member and now the unknown of health concerns for my hubby.

I am done or at least, nearing being undone. If you have been there you know what I mean.

It is not easy to admit that I am tired.
It is not easy to admit that I am frustrated.
It is not easy to admit that I am not patient in the waiting.
It is not easy to admit that I don't know the answers.

While I know that God hasn't left me; while I know that God gives me the strength to handle life's stressors; while I know that God's timing is perfect; while I know that God can perform miracles -- what I need is to believe. I am echoing the desperate cry of the father in Mark 9, "I believe, help my unbelief."

I am being real here. We still need your prayers.

My sister-in-law has had surgery to stablize her cervical spine. She is a quadriplegic now. During the surgery it was noted that she has had some damage to vocal cords and there is concern that she may not be able to speak ever again. She is still intubated and on a ventilator but the good news is she is breathing strong over it and has shoulder movement. A permanent ventilator may not be needed. So, we wait ...

My hubby on his return trip from NC to be with his sister, received an unexpected call from his physician. Apparently, tests were concerning and warranted further testing. Those have been done and once again we are waiting for test results - could be serious - maybe not - so, we wait...

Since I am being real here, I don't wait well. Patience while a noble virtue, hasn't been a bulwark virtue in my life. It is one I am learning but honestly, don't know if it will ever find its home in me.

So, my friends, this is my life in the here and now.

Thank you for listening!
Thank you for praying!

© A Sacred Longing 2009


  1. Just what I needed to hear... some real from the heart of my good friend.

    I don't know what to say that would bring more comfort to your weary heart except to say that I've been here; I care, and if you ever need to talk, you've got my number friend.

    I know exhausting, of finally getting to the end of a very frayed rope. Thankfully, my end is a good jumping off point for God's extended great. Lean into his arms, have yourself a good, long cry, and find your rest.

    You are not alone in your pain and waiting; it's been in overload mode over here for weeks. Many of us are shouldering some heavy stuff. Having friends in my life helps lift a bit of that.

    Please let me know if there is anything specific I can do for you beyond prayer.

    I love you.


  2. Continued prayers for your sis-in-law, and many prayers for your hubby. I always do better to find out something could be wrong with me then with a loved one... especially my hubby, so many prayers for you as well. May you feel peace and his hand on all these situations.

  3. These are heavy burdens, sweet friend. I am praying for you and your family. That Elaine...she has a way with words, no? I'm glad you found comfort there.


  4. The "maybe, maybe not"s of life are so tough! Thank you for your candor, and for reaching to others that have, most assuredly, worn similar shoes. They/I redeem our own trials when we share them with another that's hurting. You will, in turn, do the same for others one day.

    For now, my prayers for your comfort and strength.


  5. Dear Denise,
    You will find this hard to believe but I woke up very early with the words "Denise at A Sacred Longing" ringing in my heart.

    Truth is, I had been away for a while and am only now beginning to visit my friends' blogs again.

    Too many things have been on my plate these past months. So I can only relate to what you are going through, dear friend.

    The song by Casting Crowns you posted on your latest entry is just so timely.

    Somehow, when you open up your heart for others to see, there is a flood of love that rushes in!

    My heart reaches out to you, and praying that God reaches down to where you are and speak peace and comfort to you in the storm.

    He put your name on my heart to visit this morning... and reading your posts really touched me and connected me to heaven!

    I want to encourage you... and I also pray that the love of Jesus wash over you and fill your heart with hope, a sense of good things happening behind the scenes. May you taste and see the goodness of the Lord these days. These are the same prayers that I need for myself.