Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Six years later...

In the days since I returned from this last trip to New Orleans, I have been asked more than once if the mission experience was different here in the United States versus in another country.    The obvious answer is yes.    In New Orleans, we spoke the same language.  In the Lower Ninth Ward, we could go to Walgreens every morning to pickup supplies.  Here we had an abundance of meal options.  It was easy to stay in touch with family.  In so many ways, it was different.  Yet, in many ways, it was the same.

Need and hurt do not respect boundary lines.  Frustration and desperation exist here in the “land of plenty” as it does in countries that hunger for so much.  People desire to be known and not forgotten here as much – maybe even more so – than in the third world.
In this land of abundance, we are besieged with information.    It is easy to be the first page news one moment and the forgotten story the next.  It is too simple to go about our daily lives and drive quietly into our garages while ignoring the life-stories surrounding us.  Yet, they exist.

When I was preparing for this trip I was given priceless advice.  I was told to not be afraid to “ask their Katrina story.”  So, I did and I will forever be changed. 

Each story – six years later – gave voice to the seemingly forgotten.   Faces gave way to names.   Each empty lot or broken down house became known as one whose family survived or tomb for those who didn’t.  Six years later, tragedy slowly releases its bony grip.

The heartbreak is not forgotten.  Those gone may never come back.  What once was will never be again.  

Still and yet, I hope. 
I hope that the stories will continue to be told.  I hope that people will continue to listen.  I hope that people will be moved to help rebuild hearts, lives and homes.

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  1. Every posting of your heart that I have read here, always always touches my heart deeply.

    God bless you for helping others the way that you do, for making a difference, for making me think and feel more deeply on a personal level about all that I take for granted on a daily basis.

    You are so loved dear friend.


  2. hard to believe that it has been 6 years. as a Louisiana girl, this was a very real part of our lives and it is sad to think about the lives that were forever changed.

    love you my friend!

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