Thursday, September 9, 2010

And so begins the slow fade of summer...

I am not sure where this passing season has been. No exciting beach moments – no trips meandering through interstates – no barreling down roller coasters or even being amused with a carnival game. Much like the words that have failed to find their mark here, my summertime has been somewhat of a ghost. And now its warm breezes are fading quickly.

I am not sure I am ready for it to go. Then again, I can’t say that I embraced it while it was here. So where is the loss?

Yesterday a friend asked me what I had been up to and all I could muster was a simple “I’ve been”. Seemingly these days have passed in virtual anonymity. Potential misplaced in the numbing routine of the ordinary.

Something, I read recently has resonated deep. An uncomplicated thought that “our doing flows out of our being.” I can’t help but hope that within this simple summer of being will be found something more.

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  1. I'm be around to read about your being turning into doing--your words always bless my heart.

    Thank you for your continuing prayers in this season.


  2. I have faith that in your simple summer of being there is more! Sometimes we just need a season that isn't filled chock full of activities. When this happens to me I like to think the Lord has led me to still waters to restore my soul. He rested me as He was preparing me for something big!

    After reading your comment on my blog - I feel you and I have a connection - since neither one of us have been blessed with children... I am not alone!

  3. It seems comforting to me sometimes to know that God's earth will continue spinning on its axis whether I'm part of it or not. Afterall, it is only one side of eternal life. Whatever was doesn't change anticipation.

  4. Denise,
    I always look forward to reading your posts - so deep in the few words that you use. Such beauty, such depth... your words radiate the sincerity of your heart.

    Thank you for yet another moving post.

    Tears well up in my heart as I read your words.

    Shalom indeed. May the God of Peace shield you and keep you... as you enter into this season of befriending your true self, and rediscovering your faith.

    Love always

  5. so glad you're back! I love the being/doing quote too. I love your writing =) and I've missed it.

  6. Denise, your words many of us can relate. You have a beautiful heart...

    Love and blessings in your being/doing.