Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We meet again...

She sits under the shade of an umbrella watching people pass by. It has been awhile since I have seen her. Yet in the passing days, I haven’t stopped wondering – who is she; what is her story.

We all have them, don’t we? Stories that is. Some are filled with abundance. Some are full of joy and laughter. If you were lucky, you had a good measure of both. There are those, however, whose stories carry more sadness and pain than we can ever guess to imagine.

Those stories aren’t easy to read. They lie hidden behind the eyes. We don’t get access to them with formalities and acquaintance. The pages only turn with grace, love, compassion and time. You earn the right to know the story. Not by what you give but by what you are.


Today, her story unfolded just a bit. In the warmth of July afternoon we shared time, a cool drink and a few words. Today, I know her name and now she knows mine.

Joan has a story.

And so do I.

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  1. your writing always leaves me wanting more my friend.

  2. I have tracked back to the link you put here about Joan...

    And I am waiting to know the rest of the story as it unfolds.

    Thank you for being a willing vessel.


  3. I think about my friend Gayle as I read your words... I don't imagine I'll see her again this side of eternity, but like Joan, she has a story rife with story. It was my privilege to share a bit of the road with her in my old home; I think, perhaps, this new place, new life, will host an ample supply of Gayle's...

    Thanks for taking the time to invest in Joan. It means the world to her and to our Father.

    Keep to it.


  4. Wow! I knew when you first told me about her that your paths would cross again. I'm dying to hear more!

  5. Denise,
    I continue to be inspired by who you are in your obedience to Him. It is an honor to call you friend. Can't imagine what your desire to be involved means to Joan; I can speak to what you becoming a part of my story means to me. Thank you for sharing your story and your friendship.

  6. Your post intrigues me...you are so right. Each one of us has a story just waiting to be told. And more than that, each one of us is precious in His sight. Joan has a Father and maybe he placed her in her path for a purpose...

    Living for Him, Joan (a different one)

  7. In so many ways I can relate to what you shared Denise.

    Your sharing of "her" is so special and I look forward to reading more.

    I leave here with a tear and a prayer...

    Blessings to you!